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                                       Gazillionaire Voki Kalfayan

    Photos by Nikki Artale

    Absinthe is back on the Strip at Caesars Palace Roman Plaza in Las Vegas and once again playing to a packed tent. There is a new Spiegeltent that has all the best seats in the house and the front rows are so close to the performers that you can actually reach out and touch them.

    I saw the show for the first time last March and I absolutely loved it and now seeing it for the second time, I was again in love with the acts, the Gazillionaire and my very favorite Penny Pibbets, played by Anais Thomassian. The skits are raunchy and wacky and a tremendous hit with the audience. The crowd was in an uproar as Penny and the Gazillionaire danced around the stage, it was the funniest part of the show.

    The high wire act was a hold your breath moment as they balanced themselves and walked the high wire. It took a lot of concentration, balance and skill to perform their amazing act.

    It was non stop entertainment as we watched men climb to great heights on chairs and unbelievable hands of strength balancing each other in their acrobatic acts. The girl in the balloon was charming as was the dancing girl with her dancing men.

    Penny didn’t disappoint us as she did a skit with her sock hand puppets that was hysterically funny. I love Penny and I would go back again just to see her again in the show.

    Everyone came back on the stage at the end of the show to thank everyone for coming and to take photos.

    There were two celebrities in the house that night and I noticed that they really loved and enjoyed the show. Steven Gantt is the star of the TV Reality Show “Gigolos” and yes he is as charming and handsome in real life and we all love to be around him.

    Giogolos is on SHO Thursdays at 11:00 pm.

    Jan Rouven is the star of “Illusions” an unbelievable Magic show at The Clarion at 305 Convention Center Drive. Shows nightly at 7:00 pm (Dark Wednesdays)

    Steven Gantt & Jan Rouven
    Cathy Vo & Steven Gantt

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