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Nunsense Las Vegas

    Nunsense Las Vegas
    Nunsense has a cast of five local women performers who are the epitome of Broadway singers and actors. They are fantastic, believable and have mastered their roles of the Sisters of Hoboken. Diane Ellis plays Reverend Mother and she is having a fund raiser to get money to pay for the funeral of four sisters, who along with 48 other sisters were accidentally poisoned by the resident nun cook. Reverend Mother bought a plasma T.V. and then did not have enough money to bury four of the sisters. The bodies were put in the freezer while they planned a benefit show to get money for the burials.

    That is where the humor begins as they plan the event. Outrageously funny is Sister Amnesia, played by Janien Valentine who can’t remember anything. Janien puts on a spectacular performance with a singing puppet.

    Sister Hubert played by Michelle Johnson took charge of the stage and belted out a song at the end that had everyone standing and clapping. Michelle is a powerhouse.

    Sister Leo is played by Robin Vincent and Sister Robert Anne by Kathryn Arianoff. They sang and danced in perfect harmony with the other nuns and it was magical watching them.

    Congratulations and great job to Nancy Gregory, who choreographed and directed Nunsense. The Shimmer Cabaret in the Las Vegas Hilton is a perfect venue for the show.

    I always love it when the cast come out to meet with the people and take pictures with everyone.

    Diane Ellis robin Berry Vincent, Michelle Johnson, Kathryn Arianoff.

    Janien Valentine also stars in Peep Show at Planet Hollywood and left before the picture was taken.

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Nunsense Las Vegas

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