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International Beauty Show 2011

    International Beauty Show 2011

    Photos by Nikki Artal
    They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but in this case it is in the hands of Dina Ousley, the founder of Dinair Airbrush Makeup. Dina is President and Founder of Dinair since 1981 and for 30 years she has made the average person look like a model with her airbrush machine. Dina has worked on The Bold and the Beautiful, many TV shows and commercials

                                            Dina Ousley with TV Camera Man
    Dina employs over 150 talented makeup artists and her products are found in salons and spas worldwide. The artists are makeup experts who airbrush the makeup on for daily wear, glamour and high definition. One such artist is Julie Tobias who has magic in her hands as she creates the perfect look on the faces, as if it was a canvas.

                                             Julie Tobias

    Dinair’s booth was busy and crowded all day long as the ladies, and some men too, waited to become beautiful.

    One gentleman had a zebra pattern stenciled on his head and beard and he looked outrageously handsome and different.

    Fantasy looks were popular and all the designs were stunning and beautiful. The colors and the glitter were fabulous and a one of a kind looks.

    A second booth was set up on the other side of the convention center to make sure that everyone got to see Dinair and get their free makeovers. A treat was in store for them as they viewed the handsome male models displaying their glittered painted bodies.

    Hector Mosqueda

    I was planning to attend the Emmy Awards and Dina Ousley took the time to put on my makeup and body glitter for the awards later that evening. Her magic worked and I was transformed into a beauty. Thank you Dina, everyone loved my makeup.

    Nikki Artale

    Hello Beautiful

                                                  Dee Dee Marcelli & Chris Kolodziejski

    Hello Beautiful is a greeting that women want to hear as they strive for this beauty inside and out. The words make an impact in our every day life. Portraying this beauty is Dee Dee Marcelli, a celebrity makeup artist and a spokes person for Chella. I found her to be beautiful and fascinating and a master at her craft. Chella is a professional skin care and anti aging system that restores skin cells and fights aging. The products are found in day spas in 15 different countries and used by many celebrities.

    Dee Dee has done the makeup for President George W Bush and President Ronald Reagan and was with First Lady Nancy Reagan for six years doing her makeup for her TV appearances. Dee Dee’s recent TV shows have been “Americas Top Model” and “I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of Here”. She has done numerous Red Carpets, the American Music Awards, the Oscars and has been nominated twice for the Emmys. I was so excited to have Dee Dee create a new brow look on me, I felt like a star, and I have had many compliments since then on my look. After all, it was done by a master.

    Chella got Dee Dee on board a year ago to launch their eye brow collection with a new line of colors and tools. In 2003 Chris Kolodziejski President and Founder of the company brought her in to help design their eyebrow line and to hand pick colors and stencils.

    Dee Dee loves to transform women, to make them feel pretty so they can feel better about themselves. She has some great tips on contouring and shading, drawing and creating beautiful lips. Dee Dee has an idea for a new product in development that has never been done in the cosmetic industry, a new revolutionary product that does not exist yet and it is in the realm of color. It is a natural product that is going to change the way makeup is used. She has huge goals and aspirations and thinks Chella will corner the market with their new eye brow line and said “ when someone mentions eyebrows they will say Chella”.

    MAC Cosmetics

    M A C has kicked off the summer with the M-A-C’s new surf Baby Collection at their Fashion Show Mall store in Las Vegas. It was a fun filled day with makeovers, body painting, lots of music and more.

    The male models, Lee & Tosh were a big draw to the event and the women loved them.

    Besides painting the young men, surf boards, T shirts, many other products were painted and stenciled to the delight of the onlookers.

    Everyone was treated to a makeover by the MAC artists who took their time to concentrate on one feature of the face to display their artistry. Everyone walked away with a happy smiley face, covered by MAC makeup.

    M.A.C. has over l million fans and is the most popular beauty company on Facebook and has many how-to videos on YouTube. I am including a video that my daughter-in-law Crystal Artale did for M.A.C. as a review on her web site.

    To contact Crystal:

    Watch this video

    Great video Crystal, you look beautiful and I will be seeing you on QVC soon.

    On Saturday September 24, 2011 the Center for Strategic Analysis

    Will be holding a one-day seminar in Las Vegas NV (at a to-be-announced site) starting at 10:00 till 6:00 pm. The seminar will look into the real story of Terrorism.

    For further information or questions email


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International Beauty Show 2011

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