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Forever Kings

    Forever Kings

    Chris Gardner and Brad Colin have put together a new show “Forever Kings” that pays tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson and the King of Rock, Elvis Presley. The two kings have earned a spot in the hearts of everyone and both Chris and Brad are perfect in their portrayal of the two kings.
    Chris Gardner has studied Michael Jackson since he was six years old. He would watch him on T.V. and started dancing and imitating his moves. His father was a singer and his mother a dancer, both had musical backgrounds so all this came natural to Chris. All this practice paid off because when he entered a talent contest in High School and performed his Michael Jackson routine, the crowd went wild. He loved the spot light and he loved being the center of attraction.
    Not only did Chris perfect the dance routines, he also perfected the make up and all the body moves to a tee. You would swear that you were watching the real Michael Jackson.

    I met up with Chris at Starbucks and was fascinated as he told me everything he knew about Michael Jackson. Apparently all these years of studying him paid off because he knew all the facts about his life. Chris met Michael years ago at the Aladdin Hotel at the music awards.

    Chris has traveled all over the world performing as Michael and has just recently returned to Las Vegas after a year long tour in Japan. He does corporate shows, private shows and private parties. Chris does his own make up and it is perfect. I think that he is the best Michael Jackson Impersonator in the world. Chris has done parties for Paris Hilton and she considers him one of her personal friends.
    Chris Gardner joined up with Brad Colin, who has a voice that sounds just like Elvis Presley, and they created a new show called “Forever Kings”. A lot of time and effort went into this show, with a lot of meetings to brain storm to get the perfect show for the two kings. One such meeting took place at the Cannery to finalize their web site and videos.

                                            Brad, Paula & Chris
    Brad Colin sings all eras of Elvis’s music and his singing would do Elvis proud. Brad has been performing for many years and he too has perfected his tribute to Elvis.
    Chris and Brad are now planning on going on tour in Brazil and when they return they will look into finding a showroom to do their “Forever Kings” show.

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Forever Kings

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