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Gigolo's at Sapphires

    Gigolo’s at Sapphires

                 Vin Armani, Steven Gantt, Nikki Artale, Brace

    On January 20, 2012 the Gigolo’s hosted a Bachelorette Party at Sapphires Gentlemen’s Club in the Ladies Only Showroom. It was a night to remember with all the hard bodies of the Men of Sapphire who put on a fabulous show.

                     Kaleb, Vin, Steven, Long, Brace & Rico

    The Gigolo’s is a new Showtime hit Series about the high end male escorts in Las Vegas who will fulfill the ultimate sexual fantasies of women. The series follows the five men on their dates. Garren James is the agent for the Gigolo’s and his escort service is called “Cowboys 4 Angels”. Everyone loves cowboys and everyone that night loved the hot, sexy men and the women shamelessly hugged and kissed them. One lady actually jumped on Steven and wrapped her legs around him.

    Steven Gantt is tall, dark and handsome and knows how to charm the women. The gleam in his eye and his beautiful smile melts a woman’s heart immediately. He is a hands on person and he knows how to touch and hold a woman. Steven has a way about him that makes women feel comfortable and at ease with him. He is a true romantic. What I love about Steven the most is that he is a dedicated father and has a heart of gold. He reminds me of Rock Hudson who was every woman’s fantasy. I consider Steven my friend for life.
                                                                     Steven Gantt
    Brace is so handsome and when you look into his beautiful blue eyes, your heart melts. I thought he looked great on T.V. but he is gorgeous in real life. At six feet tall, he has a great body thanks to the years of body building. Brace is known by his Brace Philosophy and we look forward to his own words of wisdom. He reminds me of a Greek God with his bronzed, sculpted body and blonde hair. Brace now calls Las Vegas home so be on the look out to see him around town. The Gigolo’s have filled their shows at Town Square, The Peppermill, The Artisan, Piero’s and Nora’s Wine bar. I am personally going to invite him out to local events to meet all the ladies.

    Vin Armani has such a great personality and he is full of life, easy going and fun to be around. He is exactly the way he is shown on T.V. He looks for the positive and funny side of life and immediately puts a woman at ease. He is easy going and will do anything to please you, which is rare in a man. Vin looked like he had the most fun of the evening and the women simply adored him. His girlfriend Leilani was there with him and they looked like the perfect couple.

    Vin Armani

                                            Vin & Leilani

    Now onto the fabulous Men of Sapphire who entertain and give private lap dances to the eager bachelorettes. The women love the close encounters with the men and it is an evening of fun and excitement. All the men are popular but the one outstanding dancer is Rico, who has the body of a Mr. Universe.

    Rico and Long


    The women are encouraged to crowd around the stage for the chance that they will be pulled on stage with the men and be up close and personal. The show is every Friday and Saturday from 10:00 pm to 12:00 and it is non stop entertainment with the hot, sexy Men of Sapphire. It is the world’s largest Gentlemen’s Club with 70,000 square feet of topless entertainment and it is located at 3025 S Industrial Road. For more information call 702 869-0003.   

    Gigolo’s Season 1 has been released on DVD and the Gigolo’s went on stage to give away free copies to a few lucky ladies. 
                                          The Gigolo's             Steven, Brace & Vin

    I know there has been lots of negative publicity and stories about the Gigolo’s, but they are wrong about them. I met them personally and I can say that they are genuine, have good hearts and oh so handsome and wonderful to be with. I love them.

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Gigolo's at Sapphires

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