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The Pointer Sisters

    The Pointer Sisters Video 89

    Photos by Nikki Artale
    It was a thrill and a joy to go once again to see The Pointer Sisters live in concert at The Orleans. We were not the only ones who were excited, the entire audience showed their love for the ladies with their thunderous applause. It was hard to keep seated because of their high energy singing and dancing and everyone was up and out of their seats. You had to stand and clap as people were flocking down to the stage just to be close to them. It didn’t matter what age they were, young and old, they were down at the stage. Video 92

    Ruth and Anita Pointer are so beautiful and their energy is like a 21 year old and I don’t know how they do it. Ruth Pointer shared with the audience that they have been doing this since the 1900’s, which got quite a laugh because they do not look or act their age.

    They had a string of hits through the 1970’s and 1980’s. I’m so Excited, Jump (For My Love), Slow Hand and Fire are just a few of the songs that every loves hearing over and over again. Some times other artists perform their songs and they are honored by that.

    The Pointer Sisters are stars who have won two Grammy Awards and were inducted into the Soul Train Hall of Fame and received a Star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

    Ruth’s granddaughter Sadako Johnson is the third Pointer of the group and she is absolutely stunning, talented and a delight to watch.

                                                Sadako Johnson

                                             Ruth Pointer

                                              Anita Pointer

    You could feel the love in the audience as the show ended and Anita, Ruth and Sadako shook hands with everyone that had come up to the stage. They truly appreciate their fans and their loves shines through to everyone too. The show could have been longer because people did not want to leave and wanted more and more.

    After the show I went backstage with Linda Griner who is an old friend of the Pointer Sisters, going back to the days of Motown. They took the time to take pictures with everyone and catch up on old times.

                                              Sadako & Ruth

                                              Sadako, Ruth, Nikki, Linda, Anita

    Anita’s granddaughter Roxie joined in the fun backstage with Linda and Anita.

    As the evening ended we said goodbye and watched as Ruth, looking absolutely fabulous in her jeans and hat, said her good byes.

    Touring is always on their calendar with visits to Canada, Australia and New Zealand. They will be welcomed with open arms for they have well earned their place in Pop Music history and also won a place in our hearts. We love them and they made us feel like family being around them. I can feel the love, admiration and respect they have for each other. Sisterly love is the greatest love you can have and they have that with each other.

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The Pointer Sisters

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