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Rat Pack Show

    Rat Pack Show

    Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Joey Bishop and Frank Sinatra were back in town at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas and they wooed the crowds with their Rat Pack Show. Sandy Hackett is the writer and creator of the show and he co produced with his beautiful wife Lisa Dawn Miller. Lisa plays the one true love of Frank Sinatra and they sing a great duet together in the show, showing their love for each other.

                                             David DeCosta, Lisa Dawn Miller
    The show starts with a video showing the Rat Pack in the old days of Las Vegas. It quickly gets you in the mood of how it was on the Las Vegas Strip. It was so good to see them in their shining moments of fame.

    Sandy Hackett was hilarious and I couldn’t help but think of his father Buddy Hackett, who I adored and watched for so many years. Sandy rattled off one joke after another and it was funny and so entertaining.

     Sandy Hackett

    Sammy Davis, Jr. was magical on stage with his singing and dancing. Bo Jangles did not let us down with his performance. His jokes added to his showmanship as he captured the audience with his talent.

                                                           Doug Starks

    The Rat Pack all compliment each other in their interaction on stage as they dress up and have fun together. You can see how much they actually did like each other and were friends.

                                             Sandy Hackett, David DeCosta
    When David DeCosta sings you will swear that you are hearing Ole Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra. The best songs have been selected for the Rat Pack Show and Frank’s fans, won’t be disappointed.


    The cast joined everyone at the after party in the lounge and they graciously posed for pictures with everyone on the red carpet.

                                             Lisa Dawn Miller, Nikki Artale, Sandy Hackett

    Attending the show and the party was Greg London who also has a great show at the Hilton, with his manager Bob Byers Jr.

                                             Bob Beyers Jr, Nikki Artale & Greg London

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Rat Pack Show

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